We supply 100% Australian Farm Raised Goat Meat. Goat Meat is a lean, healthy alternative to red meat. Low in fat and cholesterol content, similar to Lamb in how you would use and prepare it.  Goat meat has been part of the diet of people in most parts of the world for thousands of years. Recent research indicates that the goat was the first animal domesticated by humans. It is still the most widely eaten meat in the world.

Healthy, Lean, Flavoursome

Goatmeat is lean and has nutritious qualities consistent with what health experts regard as a healthy meat alternative, particularly due to its low fat and cholesterol content. Australian goatmeat has a firm texture with flavour profiles from mild to strong depending upon the age of the animal, creating an ideal meat for spiced or slow-cooked dishes. It is versatile, and can be readily substituted in most lamb or mutton dishes.

Dean’s interest in goats began 22 years ago. Health problems meant Dean was unable to handle any sort of animal fat, so he began searching for a healthy alternative. So what started as a small hobby farm to feed my self and my family has grown into a thriving business, as many people have similar issues with other red meat.  We now have over 200 goats and sell direct to the public as well as restaurants and cafes’.

Our farm is located 35km west of Gympie. Southern Cross Smallgoods supply quality goat meat in a variety of products, including delicious salami and gourmet sausages, along with a range of different cuts of meat. Visit our products page for the full range.

Aussie farmer owned and grown is a badge we wear with pride. We are a family owned and run business, committed to supporting our local community. Our animals are paddock raised and cared for, to ensure happy healthy animals.


Southern Cross Smallgoods
Dean and Deborah Quick
Phone: 0417 898 345
Fax: 07 5484 7339
Sexton QLD 4570

ABN: 41 231 473 612
Safe Food Production Queensland Accreditation No. 122456-000



Crystal Waters Market
(1st Saturday of the Month)

Blackall Range Growers Market (Witta Market)
(3rd Saturday of the Month)

Noosa Farmers Market
(1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month)