Marinated Chevon Cutlets with Coconut, Coriander and Mint Sambal


Serves 6
Prep time: 10 minutes plus 3 hours marinating
Cooking time: 15 minutes – Approximate only depending on stove


6 chevon cutles (from the rack)


Juice of 3 limes
1/4 tsp. paprika
3 tblspn olive oil
3 tblspn chopped mint
2 tblspn olive oil for cooking


Combine the marinade ingredients together and place the chevon cutlets in the marinade for 3 hours. When ready to cook, heat the oil in a frying pan and brown on both sides until cooked.

Serve with coconut, coriander and mint sambal and potato wedges.

Coconut, Coriander and Mint Sambal


60 grams coriander leaves
30 grams mint leaves
4 garlic cloves – peeled
1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. of sugar
1 tsp. salt
3 tblspn lemon juice
3 – 4 fresh green mild chillies – chopped
100mls coconut cream
30 grams shredded coconut


Blend all ingredients to a paste, adding lemon juice in small quantities.

Middle Eastern Leg of Chevon in Cumin and Coriander Pilaf Rice and Yoghurt


1 kilo leg of chevon
10 cloves of garlic
2 tblspn olive oil
2 tblspn cumin
1 tblspn coriander
200 grams long grain rice
100 grams vermicelli
100 grams of butter
60 grams whole almonds
60 grams raisins
2 cups veal stock
1 tps. salt
3 onions – sliced
1/2 tps. cinnamon
2 tblspn chopped parsley yoghurt

Serves 6
Prep time: 10 minutes plus
Cooking time: Roast for 1 hour 20 minutes


Juice of 3 limes
1/4 tsp. paprika
3 tblspn olive oil
3 tblspn chopped mint
2 tblspn olive oil for cooking


Preheat oven to 200 C
Make 2cm incisions in the chevon meat and insert cut slices of garlic from 6 cloves. Crush the remaining garlic and mix with olive oil. Spread the mixture over the meat and then rub the cumin and coriander evenly over the surface of the meat. Place the leg of chevon in a roasting pan. Roast for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, turning twice.

Meanwhile, saute or toast the almonds in butter until browned. break up pieces of vermicelli and saute until golden. Remove from brown and set aside. Continue to saute the rice in the butter until transparent. Combine the almonds, vermicelli, nuts and raisins with the rice and add the rice and salt. Cover and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for approximately 15 minutes or until rice is tender. Stir with fork. Add parsley when ready to serve.

Caramelised the onions in butter with cinnamon, fork the onion mixture onto the pilaf and serve with the raost chevon and yoghurt.

Goat Massaman Curry

Prep time: 15 minutes plus 1 hour marinating
Cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes


700grams goat meat, diced
1 onion, sliced
1 teaspoon finely grated ginger
2-3 tablespoons massaman curry paste
1 tablespoon oil
squeeze of lemon juice
1 stalk lemongrass, white part only, bruised
16 ounce can coconut milk
5 chat potatoes, halved
1 cup green beans, halved
fish sauce, to taste
lemon juice, to taste
brown sugar, to taste
2 tablespoons chopped coriander


Place the goat meat in a large bowl with the onion, ginger, curry paste, oil, lemon juice and lemongrass. Marinate for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Heat a little oil in a large frying pan. Add the meat mixture and cook until sealed, then add 3 cups water and coconut milk.

Simmer over low heat for 1 hour, then stir through the potatoes. Cook 20 minutes, add green beans and cook an additional 10 minutes.

Adjust seasoning with fish sauce, lemon juice and brown sugar. Stir through coriander and serve with jasmine rice.

Thai Style Red Curry

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 2 hours
Serves: 4 – 6


600grams goat meat, diced
1 small onion, sliced
1 glove of garlic, chopped
1 – 2 teaspoons Thai red curry pastes
2 1/2 cups vegetable or beef stock
400ml coconut milk
1 red capsium seeded and sliced
100gr green beans, halved
4 yellow squash, sliced
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 – 2 teaspoons lime juice
2 tablespoons chopped coriander
Steamed rice, to serve


Pre heat oven to 180c

Heat wok or large frying pan over medium high heat. Brown the goat in batches and place into a casserole dish.

Reduce the heat in the wok, add a little oil and stir fry onion, garlic and red curry paste. Cook for 1 – 2 minutes, then pour in the combined stock and coconut milk.  Bring to the boil, then turn off heat and add mixture to casserole dish.

Stir to combine with meat, cover casserole dish and place in the oven. Cool for 2 hours, adding the vegetables in the last 15 minutes of cooking. Stir through the coriander, season with the fish sauce and lime juice to taste and serve with jasmine rice.


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